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Aircraft Options

Spanning from the long-range Gulfstreams to the nimble Phenom 100 light jet, our array of private jet charter options encompasses a diverse selection of aircraft and opulent amenities tailored to meet your upcoming flight requirements.
By choosing RTS Jets, you open the door to a meticulously screened network of private charter aircraft providers. We hold unwavering certainty in our ability to deliver the precise private jet that perfectly aligns with your unique mission, without exception. Please feel free to reach out if you have any inquiries. Your call is always welcome.

Light Jets

“Light jets are widely regarded as the most economical option and usually come equipped with restroom facilities and provide a simple refreshment area for beverages and snacks.
Our network of light jets presents the perfect solution for reaching challenging destinations with limited runway length, exclusively accessible to smaller aircraft. This capability ensures that far-off islands and mountain getaways remain easily accessible.”

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Phenom 100

Description – Discover the Embraer Phenom 100, a sophisticated marvel in the realm of modern private aviation. With its sleek design and efficient twin-engine performance, this light jet ensures rapid, regional travel without compromising on comfort. Ideal for business trips, regional exploration, or personal getaways, the Phenom 100 combines elegance and efficiency in an aircraft designed to elevate every journey.

    • H – 4’9”, W – 5’1”, L – 11’
    • Pax – 4
    • Range – 1178nm
    • Max Speed – 406kts
    • Max Altitude – 41,000ft
    • Baggage – 70cuft (lbs)

Phenom 300

Description – The Embraer Phenom 300: a pinnacle of contemporary private aviation. This light jet redefines travel with its exquisite design and impressive performance, making each journey a seamless blend of efficiency and luxury. With its extended range and advanced avionics, the Phenom 300 effortlessly connects distant destinations while ensuring a smooth and safe flight. Elevate your travel experience with the Phenom 300, where sophistication meets unmatched performance for an unparalleled flying adventure.

    • H – 4’9”, W – 5’1”, L – 17’ 2”
    • Pax – 7
    • Range – 2010nm
    • Max Speed – 464kts
    • Max Altitude – 45,000ft
    • Baggage – 84cuft

Citation Jet CJ3

Description – Introducing the Citation Jet CJ3: a testament to innovation in private aviation. Equipped with cutting-edge avionics and boasting an extended range, the CJ3 seamlessly connects cities while providing a secure and comfortable flying experience. Whether it’s for business travel or leisurely getaways, the Citation Jet CJ3 sets a new standard for sophisticated travel, offering a truly exceptional journey every time you take to the skies.

    • H – 4’7”, W – 4’8”, L – 15’8”
    • Pax – 8
    • Range – 2040nm
    • Max Speed – 416kts
    • Max Altitude – 45,000ft
    • Baggage – 64cuft

Hawker 400XP*

Description – The Hawker 400XP has a distinguished design and exceptional engineering, this light jet offers a perfect balance of performance and style. Equipped with advanced avionics and boasting impressive speed, the Hawker 400XP effortlessly connects destinations while ensuring a secure and luxurious flight experience.

  • H – 4’10”, W – 4’11”, L – 15’7”
  • Pax – 7
  • Range – 1180nm
  • Max Speed – 450kts
  • Max Altitude – 45,000ft
  • Baggage – 56cuft

Learjet 75

Description – The Learjet 75 is a high-performance light business jet renowned for its speed, efficiency, and sleek design. With a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to 9 passengers, advanced avionics, and impressive range capabilities of around 2,040 nautical miles, it caters to those who prioritize swift and luxurious travel for both business and leisure purposes

  • H – 4’11”, W – 5’1”, L – 19’9”
  • Pax – 8
  • Range – 2040nm
  • Max Speed – 447kts
  • Max Altitude – 51,000ft
  • Baggage – 65cuft

Light Jet model aircraft also include, but are not limited to: Citation Jet CJ2, Citation Bravo, Citation Ultra, Learjet 40/45/45XR, Citation Encore, Citation V,

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets provide the perfect blend of comfort for domestic travel and abundant headspace and legroom—perfect for extended journeys and accommodating larger groups, Moreover, they boast a cabin height greater than that of light jets. The increased interior dimensions also allow for a variety of refreshment choices, increased luggage capacity, and advanced in-flight technologies.


Hawker 850XP

Description – The Hawker 850XP is a mid-sized business jet that represents a refined blend of performance, comfort, and versatility. Its spacious cabin features luxurious seating, modern amenities, and a quiet, pressurized environment, making it a popular choice for executive and leisure travel. Powered by twin engines, the Hawker 850XP boasts impressive takeoff and landing capabilities, enabling access to a wide range of airports, including those with shorter runways.

  • H – 5’9”, W – 6’, L – 21’4”
  • Pax – 8
  • Range – 2504nm(4:30)
  • Max Speed – 513kts
  • Max Altitude – 41,000ft
  • Baggage – 50cuft

Citation Excel/XLS

Description – The Citation XLS is a popular mid-sized business jet celebrated for its exceptional performance, versatility, and comfort. Equipped with powerful engines, it offers impressive speed and range capabilities, making it suitable for both short regional hops and longer transcontinental flights. The spacious cabin features a well-appointed interior with comfortable seating and modern amenities, providing a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for corporate and private travelers alike.

  • H – 5’7”, W – 5’5”, L – 18’7”
  • Pax – 8
  • Range – 1989nm(4:15)
  • Max Speed – 433kts
  • Max Altitude – 45,000ft
  • Baggage – 79cuft

Gulfstream 150

Description – The Gulfstream G150 is a versatile mid-sized business jet known for its luxurious interior, impressive range, and advanced avionics. With the ability to accommodate up to 8 passengers, this aircraft offers a comfortable and elegant cabin environment. The Gulfstream G150 is a popular choice for those seeking a combination of performance, comfort, and style in their private or corporate travel.

  • H – 5’8”, W – 5’8”, L – 17’7”
  • Pax – 7
  • Range – 3000nm
  • Max Speed – 475kts
  • Max Altitude – 45,000ft
  • Baggage – 80cuft

Midsize Jets also include, but are not limited to: Hawker 800XP, Hawker 850XPi, Hawker 900XP, Hawker 1000, Hawker 4000, Learjet 60, Citation Excel

SuperMid Jets

This SuperMid class of aircraft hits a sweet spot for travelers who want luxury such as a roomy cabin with fully reclining seats and top-notch communications systems, but do not want the higher costs associated with larger jets. The aircraft in this category provide a comfortable environment for passengers flying four hours or longer, and they offer great fuel efficiency and runway performance.


Challenger 350

Description – The Challenger 350 is a distinguished super mid-sized business jet that excels in performance, comfort, and technology. With a spacious cabin, this aircraft offers a luxurious interior featuring modern amenities and ergonomic design. Equipped with advanced avionics and powerful engines, the Challenger 350 delivers a smooth and swift flying experience, making it a favored choice for executives and discerning travelers seeking a blend of productivity and luxury.

  • H – 6’, W – 7’2”, L – 25’2”
  • Pax – 9
  • Range – 3250nm
  • Max Speed – 470kts
  • Max Altitude – 45,000ft
  • Baggage – 106cuft

Citation Sovereign

Description – The Citation Sovereign stands as a prominent super mid-sized business jet, celebrated for its remarkable range, advanced avionics, and refined interior. Its impressive range allows for efficient, non-stop travel between a variety of destinations. The Sovereign’s combination of performance and sophistication makes it a preferred option for discerning travelers aiming to seamlessly merge productivity with upscale travel experiences.

  • H – 5’8”, W – 5’6”, L – 25’3”
  • Pax – 9
  • Range – 3069nm
  • Max Speed – 460kts
  • Max Altitude – 47,000ft
  • Baggage – 135cuft

Citation X

Description – The Citation X, often hailed as a pinnacle of super mid-sized business jets, is distinguished by its extraordinary speed, range, and operational prowess. Its opulent cabin is outfitted with cutting-edge avionics and contemporary comforts. Notably, the Citation X claims its place among the fastest civilian aircraft, ensuring rapid connections between destinations and harmonizing performance with opulent travel for discerning individuals and corporate travelers alike.

  • H – 5’7”, W – 5’5”, L – 23’9”
  • Pax – 8
  • Range – 3125nm
  • Max Speed – 525kts
  • Max Altitude – 51,000ft
  • Baggage – 82cuft

Gulfstream 280

Description – The Gulfstream G280 stands tall among super mid-sized business jets, celebrated for its outstanding range, efficiency, and technological prowess. The G280’s seamless integration of performance, comfort, and advanced avionics makes it the discerning choice for individuals and corporations seeking a superior travel experience that unites efficiency with elegance.

  • H – 6’3”, W – 7’2”, L – 25’10”
  • Pax – 9
  • Range – 3600nm
  • Max Speed – 566kts
  • Max Altitude – 45,000ft
  • Baggage – 154cuft

SuperMid Jets also include, but are not limited to: Challenger 300, Citation X+, Gulfstream 200, Citation Latitude, Falcon 50EX, Embraer Legacy 500

Heavy Jet/Ultra Long Range Jets

Experience the epitome of luxury and scale with Heavy Jets & Ultra Long Range Aircraft. Designed to redefine the way you travel, these aircraft offer expansive cabins, top-tier amenities, and the capacity to transport larger groups in unparalleled comfort. Ideal for long-haul flights, Heavy Jets/ULR provide a spacious and refined environment for relaxation, work, or socializing. With their impressive range and advanced technology, they effortlessly connect distant destinations while ensuring a smooth flight experience. Elevate your travel to new heights with, where grandeur meets ultimate performance in the world of private aviation.


Gulfstream 550

Description – The Gulfstream G550 stands as an eminent long-range business jet, acclaimed for its impressive performance, cutting-edge technology, and lavish interior. With the ability to host up to 19 passengers, its opulent cabin comes equipped with modern amenities, making it a preferred choice for global travel among those who prioritize comfort and capability.

  • H – 6’2”, W – 7’4”, L – 43’11”
  • Pax – 14+
  • Range – 6750nm
  • Max Speed – 488kts
  • Max Altitude – 51,000ft
  • Baggage – 170cuft

Challenger 605/650

Description – The Challenger 650 is a distinguished large business jet, lauded for its impressive range, spacious cabin, and advanced avionics. Its luxurious interior offers modern amenities, making it a favored choice for long-haul travel among those seeking a blend of comfort and efficiency.

  • H – 6’1”, W – 8’2”, L – 28’5”
  • Pax – 9
  • Range – 4123nm
  • Max Speed – 488kts
  • Max Altitude – 41,000ft
  • Baggage – 115cuft

Falcon 2000 EX

Description – Introducing the Falcon 2000 EX: a pinnacle of luxury in private aviation. With its distinctive design and superior engineering, this midsize jet redefines the intersection of performance and opulence. Inside the meticulously crafted cabin, passengers are enveloped in a spacious and refined environment, expertly designed for both relaxation and productivity. Whether for business endeavors or leisure escapes, the Falcon 2000 EX

  • H – 6’2”, W – 7’8”, L – 26’2”
  • Pax – 10
  • Range – 4045nm
  • Max Speed – 482kts
  • Max Altitude – 47,000ft
  • Baggage – 131cuft

Falcon 7X

Description – The Falcon 7X is an ultra-long-range business jets, revered for its unmatched capabilities in range, cutting-edge technology, and cabin design. With the ability to accommodate up to 19 passengers, this aircraft offers a spacious interior complete with modern amenities, catering to discerning travelers who seek a harmonious balance of comfort and productivity during extended journeys. The Falcon 7X is a preferred choice for individuals and corporations seeking a luxurious travel experience that seamlessly merges efficiency with elegance.

  • H – 6’2”, W – 7’8”, L – 39’1”
  • Pax – 12
  • Range – 5870nm
  • Max Speed – 600kts
  • Max Altitude – 51,000ft
  • Baggage – 140cuft

Heavy Jets & ULR Jets also include, but are not limited to: Gulfstream 450, Gulfstream 650, Global 6000, Global 7500, Falcon 8X, Falcon 900 series, Falcon 2000 series, Challenger 850